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Ask Professor Foletta is a service provided to our visitors on the Internet. The 'Professor' will help all who have questions about data acquisition, analog electronics, microcontrollers or whatever. Send him your question by the submission form below or via e-mail to Prof. Foletta directly. Questions and answers are published here unless requested otherwise.
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    General questions from younger visitors:

  • Tooties Roll licks to get to center? John
  • Why do I get shocked sometimes when touch something? Bobby
  • How does a microwave oven make food hot and not get the oven hot? Kay
  • What makes water boil? Milo
  • What makes a light bulb light up? Karen
  • Mickey Mouse voice? Scott

    Personal Info:
    Prof. Foletta has a California Teaching Certificate in mathematics and electronics and has lectured at Stanford University, various California colleges and industry seminars. He has a postgraduate Degree of Engineer from Stanford University (thesis in Medical Electronics), a Masters of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from San Jose State University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Electronic Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, and an Associates of Arts degree in Chemistry. He has also taken courses at the University of California, Berkeley and other California colleges.
    He is constantly lecturing at SiliconSoft University - even when no one is in the class room!

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