Ask Prof Foletta Policies

Because Ask Prof Foletta is a free service and he has limited office hours, here are some basics for asking him questions. These policies are designed to make the Professor's time available to all of those who want help.

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  1. Prepare Your Question
  2. The Prof is a kind man, but he may be grumpy with a lazy mind. So make sure you have thought out the problem, you may have the answer yourself. ...But if you are stuck, go to his office.

  3. Provide All Necessary Information
  4. Prof Foletta can help you better the more you help him. Be sure to narrow down the problem first. This is especially important if you are submitting your question by e-mail. He would also like to know something about you so he knows how to frame his answer.

    Since sometimes your question may not get answered right away, if the Prof is teaching a class or doing research, you should use the other Internet resources. The first place he recommends is Yahoo.

  5. Make Sure Your E-Mail Address is Correct
  6. Sorry, he cannot answer e-mail with an incomplete or incorrect address.

  7. Please Be Patient
  8. The Prof can't get to every question right away if someone is in his office. If you don't get a response before the next open door session, resubmit your question.

Now if you're ready!

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