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VO Doc We would like to offer you a free product, VO Company Doctor, as our thanks for visiting us.

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Are you spending too much time fixed to your PC? If so, you need the VO Company Doctor. This is stress monitor that measures your use of the PC (sorry only works with Windows 3.x and 95). After a stress level limit that you set, the Doc reminds you to take a break.

The Doc also gives a visual indication of your PC health by showing memory and resource useage. The Doc lets you know if available memory or resources get too low before there is a crash! You can customize the display too.

If it sounds good, just download the complete installation file (940k). If you want more information, read on.
"I didn't know I spent so much time on the PC without taking a break. No wonder my wrists and back were sore!"
J.P. San Jose, CA

Feeling Stressed Out?

The VO Company Doctor is a small program that runs in the background monitoring your use of the computer. It measures your 'stress level'. At a stress-time interval you define, the Doc signals you to get away from the computer and stretch or exercise. Select a simple visual reminder signal or a voiced reminder from your sound card. Includes example exercises with step by step instructions. There is even a stress history plot that shows your computer activity for the day.

Stress Plot

The program runs as an icon VO Doc or as a small pop-up. The pop-up displays your stress-time level with options for time of day, date, memory and resources available. You can customize the display size, position, fonts and colors. You can change the voice reminders too, since VO Company Doctor uses standard WAV format files.

Key Features

  • Measures your PC useage 'stress level'
  • Reminds you to take a break
  • Measures the PC's basic health
  • Displays time, date, memory, and resources
  • Gives example exercises
  • Customizable size and information display

    Downloading VO Company Doctor

    What you do need is Windows 3.x or 95, a sound card (if you want to hear voice reminders) and the Visual Basic modules VBRUN300.DLL. Many users will already have this file in their WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. If you do have it, you only need to download VO Doctor (367k) without VBRUN300.DLL. If you don't have VBRUN300.DLL download here (237k), or you're not sure, you can download the complete installation file (940k).

    These files are all self-decompressing (LZH) executables you load into the directory of your choice. Just run them from Program Manager or File Manager to expand the files. Then install VO Company Doctor in Windows with SETUP.EXE from the expanded set of files.

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